18 Kas 2019


Are you looking to add to your art collection? Do you want to get your hands on antiques or perhaps learn who are the emerging names in the art world? You have the whole world’s art community within easy reach. All you have to do is pick a destination, pack your bags and fly out. It’s never been simpler to join in the art conversation and Trade Fair Trips ltd makes it all the easier for professionals to take their business travel to the next level. We guide you to the most influential events in every field and provide you with exciting hotel prospects in every city around the world.

Find out which are the art and antique exhibitions that are worth your time with our short and sweet curated list.

ARTEFIERA 2018: The destination is Bologna, Italy. The time is early February. On the list you’ve modern art showcased by international galleries that are house names in the art circles. We’re talking about every possible art medium from paintings and photography to sculptures. The exhibition aims to place the spotlight on contemporary artists – both established and new comers. As such, you always have a strong presence from art dealers and collectors.

TEFAF 2018: Early March sees this exhibition take place in Maastricht, the Netherlands – an irresistible crowd pleaser for professionals. There is everything you could imagine: jewellery, antiques and art pieces from varying periods. The atmosphere is certainly international thanks to the diversity of collectors, exhibitors and galleries. It’s the perfect place to showcase a true masterpiece and see the next art star be born. You can also have most of your peers in a single place; that’s a unique networking opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on.

ART PARIS ART FAIR 2018: You can’t have a list featuring art events and not add Paris – a complete oversight. You won’t go wrong with this international exhibition that curates gems from 140 galleries. The numbers go higher, when we’re talking about artists showcased (over 2200) and the audience (at least 52,000). Doors open at the start of April and it’s an exhibition you can’t afford to miss. At your fingertips you have contemporary art from a wealth of lands and cultures. It’s also an opportunity to create buzz for yourself.

ART COLOGNE 2018: Next on the list we move to Cologne, Germany with this next entry on our list. As an exhibition, ART COLOGNE brings you a mixed bag of contemporary artist pieces and antique paintings. At the end of April, the city is going to see over 60,000 visitors (and counting) that have travelled explicitly for this event. Why should you attend? Take one look at who’s going – consultants, museum and art curators, auction houses and collectors. Be in the presence of the most important people in your industry.

ART BASEL 2018: Last but not least on our list is this exhibition in Basel, Switzerland set to start in the middle of June. It’s a quieter, smaller event, but don’t be fooled, because there’s great representation of the strongest artists working right now. You have a real sense of the event’s history judging by some of the heavyweights that find themselves social fixtures in the programming and exhibiting spaces.

Sadly, we’ve come to the end of our list. Have you discovered where you’re going to head? If the answer is yes, Trade Fair Trips ltd does you one better and helps you organize your entire stay. You can count on our team to find you hotel bookings that meets your high standards but saves you on your expenses. This fine balance is achieved thanks to our expansive database. It takes us one day to match you with your dream hotel!