18 Kas 2019


Holding children’s attention for long poses its challenges on the toy and games industry and a boom in technological applications in the manufacturing and design processes has led to many competing trends. In a seemingly overwhelming global industry, rising above the competition, loud noises and twinkling lights is crucial. Even the brand with the smartest advertisement is a part of the background, unless they’re introducing their products in the flesh. Business travel’s now even more important and Trade Fair Trip ltd is here to give you guidance.

Our team has looked at the upcoming calendar year and selected four international exhibitions with significance and influence on global trends. Any one of these events will help you reach a greater audience and make new product launches resounding successes.

ICE TOTALLY GAMING 2018 We open with a staple exhibition that sits at cutting-edge technologies applied in the game making process. Scheduled to open doors in early February in London, UK, the event is set to bring in a crowd well over 25,000 professionals. If you’re at the forefront of innovation, this is the place to announce a product and tap into contacts and resources to help you spread your vision around the world.

NUREMBERG TOY FAIR / SPIELWARENMESSE 2018 Let’s head to Nuremberg for a classic international exhibition that’s been setting tastes and creating major trends for the toys, games and educational materials. The close to 3000 exhibitors represent the full value chain – be it dolls, models or mechanic toys. This is where you can see the entire market and generate impressive sales leads. Expectations place attendance at roughly 72,000 professionals looking to do business in late January – early February.

THE TOY FAIR 2018 Let’s make another stop in London in late January for a smaller fair – this event draws in a little over 240 exhibitors who are active in the toys, hobbies and games sectors. The main draw here is the chance to negotiate deals with large buyers and distributors and strengthen your positions. Networking is key component and the support program gives everyone an ample chance to step into the limelight.

HKTDC HONG KONG TOYS AND GAMES FAIR 2018 The Asian toy industry is fully represented here, which you can see from the numbers and ambitious scope. Organizers see over 45,000 trade visitors arrive in Hong Kong to survey achievements from 2000 exhibitors. The program is scheduled for early January and product categories include smart-tech toys, virtual reality and augmented reality, models, figurines war game items and scooters.

Now you’ve been fully briefed on where to seek future business opportunities for the toys and games industry. All you have to do is select the exhibition that comes closest to you and your business goals. Trade Fair Trips will handle the rest and put together your business trip. From hotel research to finalizing room reservations, our team is on it! Specify a budget and we’ll do the rest.