18 Kas 2019


Fashion changes its face every season and those who want to secure a continuous flow of new and returning clients need to make their voice be heard among the colorful choir of designers and brands. Establish a strong presence where experts and insiders meet at fashion shows and exhibitions aplenty. Here we have chosen five big events coming up in 2016 that match up with different fields in the industry.

BREAD AND BUTTER 2016: For the hip, urban crowd, there’s no other fashion show quite like Bread & Butter where streetwear rules the runway and you have fashion forward moment after fashion forward moment. Color, shape, print and cut go through radical imaginings for the hip young crowd.

SI SPOSAITALIA COLLEZIONI 2016: Are you designing for weddings? Do you operate in the wedding industry? This is your opportunity to reach large audience from around the world as this fashion show presents bridal dresses, menswear, children’s outfits and accessories in a variety of styles. Break into new markets and network with international decision makers.

INTERBRIDE 2016: Is the previous event in May too close for comfort? Don’t worry, you can skip that one and head to Dusseldorf in late June for Interbride, which debuts some of the most significant trends in the wedding, bridal and event fashions. There’s plenty of room not only to debut collections, but also participate in networking events.

MODE CITY 2016: Lingerie always has a place on the runway and you’ll find a diverse view on lingerie in choice of color, fabric and cuts. With over 480 international brands expected to participate in Paris, it’s your chance to carve yourself a spot and be included in the constantly evolving conversation surrounding lingerie.

THE MICAM 2016: Where would fashion be without shoes? Whether it’s sportswear, high heels or casual shoes, you can find it all here presented to you by close to 1500 exhibitors. You not only get prime opportunity to see shoe trends develop and take the world by storm, but you also have the power to create demand with either your own products or by placing orders on the hottest new collections.

Be confident when attending either of these events knowing that your business trip has been organized by true professionals. Trade Fair Trips ltd takes in all your specifications into account to produce a list of hand-selected hotel offers that optimize your travel budget, shorten your commuting on site and present strategic locations.