18 Kas 2019


Position yourself front and centre in the safety, security and fire protection industries with a well-calculated attendance to a major industry event. What you stand to gain is plenty. First, there is the publicity and reputation building from placing your names alongside the top dogs. Then you have the opportunities to register new sales and negotiate deals with new market representatives. On top of this, you get the latest news on international breakthroughs and news both in terms of legislation and technological advancements.

Right here, we have selected 5 key events across different fields to help you pinpoint the best choice for you.

EUROSATORY 2016: Let’s kick off with the big guns and by that I mean a focus on the new technological achievements in civil and homeland security. This includes impressive forays in land and airland defense with an indulgent look in the entire supply chain and demonstrations of weapons and vehicles.

IFSEC 2016: Having left the realm of battle-ready tech it’s time to observe the developments in the surveillance and security fields where cyber security, biometrics access control, smart buildings and video surveillance take the stage. Have a go at presenting your products and services and gauge what trends are going to become vital.

SAFETY & HEALTH EXPO 2016: Over 13,000 visitors associated with health and safety will attend to learn what the new discoveries and best practices will secure themselves as leaders in the industry. You have access to lectures and seminars that will bring you up to speed with the ever rising standards in the field.

SECURITY ESSEN 2016: A bit of a general event, exhibitors range from fire protection companies to experts in cyber security, CCTV and outdoor area protection. The event has a large international following, which is a big bonus for any company with interest to extend its professional network.

EXPO PROTECTION 2016: With a focus on work safety and employee protection, this trade fair brings in experts in the field to share their best practices and resources for creating safe work spaces. The program is divided between meeting areas and conferences to facilitate better communication.

Once you settle on which event makes the most business sense for you, it’s time to discuss the particulars of your travel plans. Trade Fair Trips ltd has been helping business travelers for years to make the right decisions regarding hotel choices. We’ll be more than happy to tailor the perfect booking according to your detailed specifications.