18 Kas 2019


With sustainability, environmental protection and clean technology demanding attention from global economies to ensure the planet’s wellbeing, the energy production, oil and gas industry has become even more dynamic and competitive. Technologies and solutions are introduced at ever increasing speeds. If you wish to remain competitive, relevant and up to speed with the latest legislation and innovations, then you have to be at the right place – at a major exhibition or trade show.

Trade Fair Trips ltd continues its support of business travelers, which is why we’ve curated a short list with exhibitions that represent the great diversity of the energy production industry. Take your ambition on the road and see whether one of the events below are a good fit.

OFFSHORE EUROPE 2017 We begin out list with this influential exhibition that focuses on a crucial sector – offshore energy. Aberdeen expects more than 56,000 industry insiders to attend OFFSHORE EUROPE 2017 in September and see the latest technological solutions as presented by more 1500 suppliers and exhibitors. Few events possess the resources, scope and scale or provide you with the opportunity to gain traction as quickly on the international scene quite like OFFSHORE EUROPE.

HUSUM WIND 2017 Opening its doors in September in Husum, this exhibition brings you the latest development, achievements and breakthroughs in the field of wind energy. In terms of numbers, there will be over 650 showcasing everything from wind turbine manufacturers and component suppliers to turbine operators, financial services and grid operators. More than 18,000 professionals are anticipated to attend the four-day events. The exhibition is the right platform to gain momentum in your niche and stay ahead of advancements and trends.

POWER-GEN EUROPE 2017 Last, but certainly not least in importance is POWER-GEN, which has been scheduled to take place in June in Cologne. This upcoming edition celebrates a quarter of a century investigating and pushing the ever-evolving power industry. The main themes concern diversification of power manufacturing and innovations in sustainable power resources. As ever, the conference is a mainstay and the place where you’ll get an in-depth analysis of current developments and policies.

This concludes our overview of the power, oil and gas industry and if you’ve found the event for you, then don’t hesitate to turn to Trade Fair Trips ltd for assistance. Putting together your business trip can be a time-consuming task and you have more important things to do instead. Our team takes charge and creates custom accommodation that’s fitted to your specific budget and travel preferences.